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Hess Toy Trucks Collection of D.P.Smith

     Hess Toy Trucks
                     of the 2010's

aAll Hess Trucks from my collection are of the highest collectible quality.
All Trucks are Mint in Mint Box.

All have been kept in the box and never displayed.
Mint boxes with all inserts
 and battery card unless otherwise stated. Guaranteed!


Order at $59.95

a2010 Hess Toy Truck and Jet Plane
Original Price: $25.99
The Hess truck for 2010 is a 14-wheeler
  tractor trailer with jet plane.
    This high quality toy truck has plenty of features
including 42 lights, 3 lighting modes and a tilting hydraulic
launch ramp. The jet features 13 lights and
 3 motion-activated sound effects.

Offered at $59.95
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Order at $46.95

2011 Hess Toy Truck and Race Car
This addition to the Hess truck collection is a heavy duty flatbed utility style truck with working lights and 3 different real life sounds. Comes with the race car with pull back friction motor, engine sounds and working lights. 
Approx. 12 inches long.
at $46.95
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Order at $49.95

Mint in Mint Box

2012 Hess Toy Helicopter
and rescue vehicle

The addition to the Hess fleet is a
helicopter with working spinning rotors and lights.
Different light modes and 3 realistic sounds.
Push button cargo door releases a rescue
vehicle with working lights. Pivoting searchlights and
 retractable landing gear. Wow! Approx. 12 inches long

Offered at $49.95

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Order at $49.95

Mint in Mint Box

2013 Hess Truck and Tractor
 The truck features 45 working lights,
 4 different sound effects and a hidden extending
 rear ramp with sound effects. 
The truck hauls a self-propelled tractor 
with front and reverse motion. 
This multi-purpose tractor has fully motorized rubber tracks 
along with a locking front bucket with release button, 
a swiveling back bucket and 15 working lights.
Offered at $49.95

Truck approx. 12 inches long

Order at $79.95

Mint in Box

2014 Hess Toy Truck 
and Space Cruiser with Scout
The newest addition to the Hess truck fleet is a flatbed truck
 features 41 working lights, 3 different sound effects and 
a button activated launch ramp w/ hydraulic lift. 
The truck hauls a space cruiser with lights, button & 
 motion activated sound effects and retractable landing gear
Stored inside the space cruiser is a smaller 
space scout that has lights and folding wings.
Three toys in one. 
Offered at $79.95
Truck is perfect. Some creasing on box.


                                         2014 Collectors Edition truck is sold out

A valuable tool for identifying, buying, selling or assessing the value of your collection.

Order at $12.95

Oct. 2012

Toy Truck Price Guide

Hess Trucks and Texaco Banks and Airplanes

A price guide with photos covering all Hess trucks,
special issues, mini trucks, glasses, buttons and signs.
As well as Texaco Ertl banks, Wings of Texaco,
Texaco Tugboats and other Texaco items. 
84 pages - soft cover - 5" x 10"

Retails at $24.95
Discounted to $12.95
All rights reserved
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50 years of Hess Toy Trucks for sale including Mini Hess Trucks as well as Texaco Collectibles. 
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