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        In 1964 the first highly detailed toy tanker, the "B Model Mack Tanker" was sold at Hess gas stations. A high quality plastic toy vehicle bearing the Hess name has been offered almost every year since then. They were made to be exact replicas of vehicles in the Hess fleet until 1987 when the design was changed to include non-fleet vehicles. A new color scheme of green and white was also introduced that year. Each vehicle came in a colorful box and is battery powered
 for an array of lights, horns and sirens. They were all produced in limited
quantities and because of demand customers have been limited to two toys. 
Both young and old are joining the growing number of Hess truck collectors
 and the demand and value of all Hess gas station items continues to rise.
Hess Toy Trucks For Sale from the Collections of D.P.Smith

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All Hess Trucks from my collection are of the highest collectible quality.
All Trucks are Mint in Mint Box.

All have been kept in the box and never displayed.
Mint boxes with all inserts
 and battery card unless otherwise stated. Guaranteed!

Hess Trucks of the 1960's
1960's Hess Truck Collection

Hess Trucks of the 1970's
1970's Hess Truck Collection

Hess Trucks of the 1980's
1980's Hess Truck Collection
Hess Trucks of the 1990's
1990's Hess Truck Collection

Hess Trucks of the 2000's
2000's Hess Truck Collection


2010's Hess Truck Collection

Hess Miniature Collection

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